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Programs and excursions


We arrange excursions to various compounds according to the interests and specialisations of the groups and clients. Czech Republic is known as a country of beer brewing and that is the reason why some tourists are coming – to taste. They also like to get familiar with the beer production process. Many excursions are actually headed to local breweries – most likely to either the biggest and most famous brewery in the Czech Republic, which is located in Pilsen, or directly to Prague, where lies another large and renowned brewery – Staropramen. You can find several other breweries in Prague, which are, despite their smaller size, also very interesting.

Among our other programs, which we offer within the whole Czech Republic, are for example visits and tours of local castles, chateaus and various museums and galleries. As for the groups of a specific professional orientation, we will be pleased to arrange excursions to elementary schools, high schools, universities and production facilities such as the car manufacturer Škoda, a.s.

We also have plenty of experience with seniors’ stays in Prague. We can modify the program, catering and the pace of the stay to fit the needs and demands of such clientele. Prague is also a favourite destination for bands of different musical specialisation as there is an abundance of churches providing unique atmosphere for concerts. We are also able to secure performances in other premises and facilities.

Upon request we can also offer diverse entertaining programs as well as modern and favourite team-building activities and other similar events. Have fun and lay the foundations of stronger personal relations, which will support future cooperation and deepen mutual trust between the individuals in the team. Knowing your colleagues well pays off.